Industry Speakers: Unlocking the Future

We're thrilled to introduce our lineup of fantastic industry experts!

Kelly Norris


"Practicing New Naturalism: Site-Specific Plantings in Public and Private Places"

Adam McClanahan

"Fabric Liners and Root Pruning for Trees"

Jaime Manlove

"Back to Basics: Setting Standards for Success with Seed"

Daniel Norden

"Wood Fiber Media in Young Plant Propagation"

Kurt Dreisilker

"Public Gardens; Sentinels of Invasive Plants"

David Roberts

"Plant Selection/Breeding trials in GA and MN"

Suzanne Wainwright-Evans

"Pest Issues In Propagation"

Megan Mathey

"Plant Selection, Breeding and Trialing Shrubs at Spring Meadow Nursery"

Della Fetzer

"Process Improvement for the Horticulture Industry"

Michael Brownbridge

"Plant Protection and Integrated Pest Management"